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Get your message out with transit advertising

Pinnacle Marketing Services

At Pinnacle Marketing Group, we help your business stay top of mind for consumers through out-of-home advertising:

  • Transit shelter advertising in the City of Charlottetown, the neighbouring Town of Stratford and Town of Cornwall.

  • Transit bus advertising, including Custom Exterior Kings (bus sides), Custom Bus Backs, Standard Interiors cards, plus a wide range of custom exterior bus wraps.

  • Specialized advertising to the growing cruise ship passenger market in Charlottetown.


We help your transportation needs in Prince Edward Island, be it vehicle and driver, tour planning and guides, or full destination management. We're Islanders for life, and we know our way around.​​

We provide shipping solutions & E-commerce support to help PEI businesses sell and move their goods throughout the Maritimes.


Transit Advertising with Pinnacle Marketing

Exterior Advetising

Our transit bus fleet is composed mostly of 14 single-door buses with a 27 foot chassis.   Media rates depend on the neighbourhoods and business districts the bus travels.  Production (print and install) rates depend upon the amount of the bus coverage. You may cover part of one side, the back or three sides.  The number of full coverage wraps permitted in our transit system is limited and may not always be available.

Shelter Advertising

Pinnacle Marketing has 63 shelter locations - 45 in Charlottetown, 13 in Stratford and 5 in Cornwall - with a range of location types, traffic orientations and rental rates.  We are pleased to provide generous discounts to not-for-profit organizations.

It will be our pleasure to arrange for design and printing services for your shelter posters.  Our advice is free.

Interior Advertising

Interior advertising is an excellent way to reach commuters and residents. The displays are eye-catching posters fitted above the windows, making them visible to all passengers as they're sitting and as they get on and off their route. This medium offers an opportunity to spend an average of 30 minutes of quality time with a captive audience.

Make this medium part of your out of home advertising media mix.

Our Advertising Clients


Advertising Examples


Tours & Charters

Helping you explore Prince Edward Island

Is your ideal location a secluded beach? A ceilidh or kitchen party? A great restaurant? Musicals, comedy, sights and sounds of nature, golf, and quiet places, PEI has much to offer.  Maybe you have also heard of "Anne of Green Gables?"


Be assured of flexible transportation options with our tour and charter group. Contact us to fulfill your needs.

Tour & Charters
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Shipping &


Helping Businesses Sell Online

We know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy. That is why we craft customized solutions for each client, ensuring that each of your unique objectives are met.


Our in-depth understanding of e-commerce and user experience allow us to nimbly connect businesses to customers online. Get in touch so that we can start elevating your business to where it deserves to be.

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